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    SMSH-IAI-0005 - Key Features - Integrator-AI

    SMSH-IAI-0005 - Key Features - Integrator-AI - the Integrator-AI is a city's command center, a central brain that at each location connects and communicates with various devices and fuses the data to make an informed decision and provide actionable interventions in real time to make traffic flow smoother, keep pedestrians safe, and provide invaluable data for the future.

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    PS-IAI-0004 - INTEGRATOR-AI - Edge Compute Platform Specification

    PS-IAI-0004 - Integrator-AI - Edge Compute Platform Specification The Integrator-AI™ is a highly versatile compute platform that provides real-time control, monitoring, and data sharing at the edge. It can be used to rapidly solve highly sophisticated transportation problems by providing tools and a platform to build real-time action, coordination, and data aggregation solutions.

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    SMB-IAI-0006 -Simple Software Explainer - Integrator-AI

    SMB-IAI-0006 Simple Software Explainer - The Integrator - This brochure explains the benefits gained by using Blue-Band's Integrator-AI. Our edge-based compute platform solves sophisticated transportation problems by creating simple and flexible integrations, interfaces, and intelligent applications that support new, and legacy, technologies.

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