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    Analysis of Wrong Way Detection at Intersections - UCD-IAI-0001

    UCD-IAI-0001- Blue-Band Integrator-AI(TM) Analysis of Wrong Way Detection at Intersections. This document offers a comprehensive examination of wrong-way detection at intersections, emphasizing the unique challenges it presents compared to highway on-ramp detection. It introduces a novel and innovative solution designed to detect and manage wrong-way events effectively. Notably, this solution is highly adaptable and can be deployed in diverse environments, making it applicable across various settings. Furthermore, its versatility opens up numerous possibilities for additional use cases, leveraging the same products deployed for wrong-way detection. As such, it represents a solution rich in use cases, ideal for agencies committed to supporting and achieving Vision Zero initiatives aimed at eliminating traffic-related fatalities and injuries.

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    SMSH-IAI-0007 - Integrator-AI - SPM+

    SMSH-IAI-0007 - Integrator-AI - SPM+ - Transform your traffic control system with SPM+ Signal Performance measures plus safety analytics with the integrator-AI. Our software ensures easy deployment and universal compatibility. It's scalable, real-time responsive, and use-case automation with advanced vehicle-to-everything (v2x) integration. Elevate your traffic management and safety initiatives now. Contact us for a reliable and smarter transportation solution!

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    SMB-IAI-0009 - Intersection Wrong Way Identification

    SMB-IAI-0009 - Intersection Wrong Way Identification “The Integrator-AI platform gives agencies the power to identify, alert, and defend against wrong-way drivers in your urban areas. — A Game-Changer for Transportation Safety.” Kevin Yorke, CEO

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